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Mandala Mission, McKenna Dempsey

New Oregon Startup Launches Funding Project to Raise Money for Women’s Mental Health

Bend, Oregon - Mental health startup Mandala Mission has started a new project called The Mandala Project as a creative way to fund the development, growth and commitment of their mental health mobile app for women. Their goal is to sell 2,500 shirts by August 15 in order to fund the operations through the end of October.

Founder, McKenna Dempsey, is dedicated to empowering women to embrace complexity one step at a time. Her vision of the possibilities in this space are massive, with the first pursuit being the development of an accessible and affordable mobile app to help women find mental health education, resources and tools for managing daily challenges.

Shirt prices range from $35 to $60 and by reaching the goal of selling 2,500 of them, Mandala Mission will raise $30,000 to go toward creating this mental health experience for women.

“I’ve lived with anxiety and depressive episodes since I was a teenager. I know what it’s like to be afraid of my own brain and I want to create a world where women are allowed to be just as complex as they were born to be.”

Mandala Mission is an Oregon company focused on shattering the mental health stigma and providing resources to all women.