Be Complex

Empowering women to embrace complexity one step at a time.


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Hi! I’m McKenna, Founder and CEO of Mandala Mission.

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an organization dedicated to empowering women to embrace complexity one step at a time.



A mobile app where women can get mental health education, create habits and form routines to live, and learn, with what we might think of as mental health challenges.

Our app takes you on a journey, from learning how your brain works to techniques to manage it to developing ongoing routines.


To make mental health solutions accessible and create a place where we can honor our process, grow with compassion and love ourselves for exactly who we are.


By purchasing a Mandala Project shirt, you are supporting the development, maintenance and growth of the Mandala app. As well as committing to embracing complexity every day. When you wear one of these shirts, you are owning who you are, loving yourself for it and letting the world know.


be complex.

When approaching our mental health, it can be hard to know where to start or how to stay motivated…


Mandala helps women embrace what makes them complex by integrating mental wellness habits into daily routines.

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let nothing stop you from being exactly who. you. are.


a mobile app

that will change how you think about yourself.

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Define your top priorities, check in with yourself and stay on track.

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Learn techniques and tools for your mental health and change your habits.

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Jump into any exercise any time, explore routines and maintain your journey.


BETA Launching
fall 2019

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Be real.
Be Raw.
Be unapologetic.


What matters
to us.

Grow Through Consistency

Mandala Mission strives to evolve as we learn, taking our evolution step by step.

Integrate, Don’t Isolate

We believe long-term change comes from integrating behaviors into our lives and our communities.

Embrace Complexity

We simplify habits for approachability, which allows us to embrace ourselves for who we are and allow us to be just as complex as we were born to be.

Make Wellness Routine

We provide simple solutions for making mental wellness a priority that fits into our unique day to day lives through positive habits.

Be Strong and Soft

We allow the space to be both a badass and emotional. Taking time to push the limits while also taking time for self love and wellness.