Be Kind to Yourself

Some days we feel like we’re overwhelmed by all the things we need to do. Our list grows longer and longer and our motivation shrinks. And we end up spinning in circles about all of the things we should be doing instead of doing any of it, or giving ourselves the self-love we deserve either.

For me, today is one of those days.

With each passing minute I go over the list of things I should be doing instead of sitting thinking about the list of things I should be doing. And then I pace around a little, sit antsy on the couch, watch a show, paint my nails, walk up and down the stairs seeking the purpose that’s right there in front of me. But fact is, sometimes that’s just where we are. Sometimes it’s okay to set the to do list aside and give ourselves a break. The world won’t stop spinning. Your list won’t grow longer by taking a step away from it to give your body, mind and spirit the break it is clearly asking for.

Sometimes we just have to be okay with the fact that we’re having a down kind of day. Or 2. Or 3. Or even 4. I know for me, I tend to allow myself a certain number of days (typically 2) to feel a little out of it. Then once it goes beyond those allowed days, I start to beat myself up and panic about what I’m doing with my life and “why can’t I just be okay.” But fact is, life ebbs and flows. It’s cliche but it’s true. Sometimes we have an entire week where we just need to be okay with where we are, because the next week everything could change.

A friend sent this to me the other day and it hit me right where I needed it. Maybe it’ll do the same for you:

“Every single day is different. Some days you wake up and feel strong to face the world, you feel like you can handle everything and you think you’re unstoppable. Other days you just don’t want to get out of bed, you feel like you’re fragile like a glass and just wanna get away from your reality. And that’s life. Life consists of both kind of days. Learn to love and support yourself every single day, either good or bad. Learn to accept that life has ups and downs and that is what makes it a wonderful journey.”

Be gentle with yourself. Be kind when you need to lay on the couch and draw instead of tackling whatever else it is you think you need to do right now.

Today’s Mantra: 

I allow myself to be exactly where I am. And to enjoy it.
I am patient. I trust my journey. I love myself. 

Mandala Mission