3 Simple Reminders When You're Spiraling

I’m going to be really honest. This week hasn’t been my best. And it’s only Tuesday.

But, despite the fact that I’m currently swimming in self doubt, anxiety and putting completely unnecessary pressure on myself, I know this will pass. Even though sometimes it just doesn’t feel like it’s going to, I know it will. With everything in me, I know it will.

These three reminders are what I tell myself when everything seems to be collapsing in on me and I need to remember that it will pass.

1. Everything is impermanent. 

I can go ahead and thank my yoga instructor for this one. Emotions can be incredibly overwhelming. They can feel debilitating and as if they’re never going to pass. Like all of a sudden you can just be this different person and that’s who you are now, forever. But it’s not true. Everything is impermanent. Every emotion has an expiration date. That means that no matter if it’s been one day or two weeks of feeling down, no matter what that feeling will work its course and move along. And the best part, you’ll learn something from it too.

2. There is something to learn. 

Every time I go through something tough, I come out of it feeling stronger and more capable. I get to learn more about myself. About how I deal with sadness, insecurity, pain or just the racing thoughts of my mind. With every negative thought comes a lesson. So long as you keep looking forward, keep reminding yourself that soon this will live in the past, keep those positive thoughts flowing even if you don’t necessarily believe them right at that moment, you will learn something wonderful about yourself if you just pay attention.

3. Just the next 5 minutes. 

I don’t know about you, but I struggle with anxiety. And a lot of that anxiety is triggered by overthinking things that haven’t even happened yet. Or wondering, “will I get through this?” However, by changing your mindset to only think about the next five minutes, you can get through your day without worrying about the future. That doesn’t mean the thoughts won’t come popping into your mind. But by countering those thoughts with “what can I do right now?” you can change the game for yourself. That brings you back here. To now. The present. And if you’re only thinking about those five minutes, you’ll stay focused instead of spiraling.

It doesn’t take much to keep yourself going when you’re feeling like everything around you is falling apart. The hardest part is just committing to the ideas. Instead of letting yourself lose control, bring yourself back to these three thoughts and keep doing that. Over and over again. Until you’re through it. Then, you’ll look back and think “wow, I really can do anything.”

You are powerful.

Mandala Mission