About Mandala

Mandala Mission was founded by McKenna Dempsey in Bend, Oregon. After actively living with anxiety and depression since she was a teenager, McKenna’s goal is to create a space where young women can be themselves, find tools for mental wellness and embrace being just as complex as they were born to be.

Mandala is not about unrealistic expectations. It’s not changing yourself. It’s about finding yourself yourself, loving yourself exactly as is and interacting with the world in a way that honors who you are.

Why Mandala?

You may be wondering why we’re called Mandala Mission. And there are a few reasons.

McKenna has been drawing Mandalas her entire life as a form of meditation as well as anxiety management. She uses them to check out of her brain and check into a part of herself that allows creativity and exploration. They have been an important part of her mental health journey and continue to show their beauty.

Second, and in no particular order, when McKenna was 19, she asked her dad “why am I crazy?” To which he replied, “you’re not crazy, you’re just complex.” This little shift in perspective completely changed her outlook on herself. The idea behind Mandala Mission is to be just as complex as you were born to be. That means we’re all different. We all address our challenges in different ways and we’re all uniquely beautiful. Mandalas represent this visually.

Third, Mandalas represent a balance of body and mind infused with clarity. The mental health journey is holistic. It is bringing together the power of your body and your mind as well as learning and growing into yourself, finding that clarity. And we believe in order to do that, you start by accepting yourself as you are.



If you’re interested in learning more about Mandala or getting involved as a thought leader or event coordinator, please reach out!

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